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 6. Flexibility & Format Interopera on
WheatNet-IP is a complete end-to-end audio ecosystem and as such can handle most of your audio needs comfortably. It’s also capable of being format agnos c and can easily handle audio format conversion on the  y. Interfacing with di erent networking systems happens seamlessly in real me. Audio formats such as HD/SDI, AES, MADI, AoIP, and Analog, or di erent protocols, such as Dante, Ravenna, Livewire, etc., are accommodated though AES67, which is part of the SMPTE 2110-30 Media-over-IP standard.
5. IFB & More Built In
Na ve to every BLADE interface is the means to create a completely decentralized IFB system with no 3rd party hardware. The speed of our network means there is virtually no latency when using the intercom func ons, so real- me audio is a reality. Taking it further, these same tools create a virtually unlimited number of mix minuses, mic mu ng, and more essen al audio-for-TV features.
    7. Top End Performance
WheatNet-IP is unique in the network world in the way it handles tra c. No audio is passed or available on the network un l it is requested. And when that request is closed, so is that audio channel. This drama cally reduces conges on and the possibility
of packet collision/failure. Plus, it’s the only network that operates at full Gigabit Ethernet rates, which means extremely low latency for real me monitoring.

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