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8. Networkable Audio Processing
Built into every BLADE are stereo processors that can be deployed anywhere on the network. This provides a cost- e ec ve solu on to audio correc on and/ or sweetening for remote feeds, audio
from di erent studios, call-ins, and more. Addi onally, Wheatstone’s M-1, M-2, and M4-IP mic processors have become absolute standards in the broadcast industry.
   9. So ware for True Customiza on
Engineers never cease to amaze us with their ingenuity, so to that end, we develop our hardware and so ware to encourage explora on and customiza on. ScreenBuilder is a very powerful so ware pla orm that allows you to create just about any on-screen control environment you can imagine. Think of it as a control construc on kit that lets you put your most inven ve ideas to work. IP Meters gives you the ability to create screens with banks of meters for viewing anywhere in your facility. And Navigator provides a system overview that lets you set up your work ows and create macros or salvos that can facilitate complete changeups with the push of a bu on.
  A Rack’s Worth of Tools Helps... Virtually, Of Course
A network needs more than basic rou ng. It needs op mal control and integrated tools
to get the most out of it. We know this from years of building networks and working with broadcast facili es to deliver their vision of how their work needs to  ow. So, we build
an en re rack’s worth of tools into every BLADE interface we make. Mixers, processors, logic tools, rou ng tools, and tools that defy descrip on. If you can think it, you can make it happen with WheatNet-IP. l

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