Page 4 - IP Audio for TV Production And Beyond
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 2. Advanced Control Hardware
Wheatstone’s control surfaces provide complete mixing tools for interac ng with our WheatNet- IP Intelligent Network and are dis nguished from smallest to largest only by the size and scope of your needs. All are designed expressly for use with the working preferences of TV audio professionals. Our Series Two is our most modest, with a  ny footprint and controls suited to live and automated TV. Our IP-64 is our largest and o ers our most advanced feature set. All embrace current standards, such as SMPTE 2110 and AES67, and are open ended to incorporate any future standards.
   3. Automa on Control Interface
Grass Valley Ignite. Ross Overdrive. Sony
ELC. Mosart – all are systems that allow
for automated produc on of live news. Wheatstone’s Automa on Control Interface works with all of those, and many more, to allow audio to func on in a console-free environment. For this automated programming, we o er
a VMI (Virtual Mixing Interface) along with GLASS-E, a virtual control surface that allows remote control when necessary, via the internet. With Wheatstone, audio can follow or call the shots as you decide.
   4. Long & Short Haul Sports Coverage
Whether you’re covering a story across town,
or handling audio for a Sunday game from 3000 miles away, Wheatstone has the WAN solu on you need. At-Home, or REMI (remote-integra on model) applica ons have been growing as alterna ves to full broadcast produc on vans
for covering sports. Smart BLADE-3 interfaces can deploy dozens of audio services, as well
as provide mul ple control and automa on capabili es including latency-free venue-side IFB. And they interface seamlessly with systems from Artel and others to carry audio and video from venue to produc on.

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