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 9 Things
IP Audio Brings to Television
 The shi  to IP for television is something Engaging the AES67 standard we helped author in
Wheatstone has been working on for years. Our
Bridge system, with many s ll in opera on, is the founda on that’s allowed networked audio to keep pace with advances in video technology. It has also become the blueprint for network scaling and func onality in modern AoIP systems regardless of brand.
With WheatNet-IP, we’ve taken what we’ve learned about networked audio and built the most advanced IP audio network ecosystem available for broadcast. Our evolved IP audio works seamlessly with modern standards such as SMPTE 2110, ATSC 3.0, and more in the works.
1. Intelligent Distributed Rou ng
WheatNet-IP u lizes AoIP to distribute
audio intelligently to devices across scalable networks, enabling all sources to be available to, and controlled from, any and all devices. WheatNet-IP is AES67 compa ble, yet
is unique in that it represents an en re decentralized end-to-end solu on, complete with audio transport, full control, and a toolset to enable excep onally intelligent deployment and opera on. It handles all audio formats - HD/SDI, AES, MADI, AoIP, and Analog - to provide completely seamless opera on in your broadcast/produc on chain.
conjunc on with other AES task force members, we provide a system that not only routes, but gives you the tools you need to manage and manipulate your audio in any way you’ll need for your speci c applica ons. This is all built into each and every BLADE interface on the network.
Thousands of mature Wheatstone IP Audio networked systems are already deployed in radio and TV studios around the world. We’re ready to provide you with everything you need to be at the top of your game when it comes to IP audio for television. We’re bullet-proof, lightning fast, and we’ve got the installa ons to prove it.

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