Wheatstone History

A History of Wheatstone Corporation

...as told by Andy Calvanese, Vice President of Wheatstone in charge of Technology

I’m probably uniquely qualified in the company to tell the story, because I’ve known Gary Snow and worked with him since before there was a Wheatstone. He and I used to work together in the same company at our day jobs and in the evenings maybe we’d get together and play a little music or, from time to time, we’d make a little box of some electronic goodie for somebody, and that’s how the company got started.

LXE for History 

In 2016, we decided that it'd be a good idea if people could configure their consoles any way that made sense for the way they work. Thus, our LXE. With ConsoleBuilder™ you can assign just about any function to any knob on the board. And with ScreenBuilderLXE, you can create custom touch screens for your workflow. It revolutionized the industry.

DMX AwardThis is the year we bought the most famous company in broadcast mixing history - PR&E. And right off the bat, we introduced the first brand new PR&E product in more than a decade. The DMX is a networkable console that uses RAZORS and WheatNet-IP to create an IP audio network. AND it won a BEST OF SHOW award at NAB 2017 (in the photo are team members Darrin Paley, Kelly Parker, Jay Tyler, and Phil Owens). We recognize that it's a big deal being PR&E's caretakers into the future, but if there's any company that is up to the task, it's Wheatstone.

So, that's the history. Gary and Kathy Snow welcome you to Wheatstone

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