Wheatstone Audio Gear for Low Power FM

Audio Gear for Low Power FM

Audioarts Engineering is where it all began for Wheatstone. Today, the brand is the most widely used, widely recognized in the world for broadcast audio consoles.

Our range of products starts with the AIR-1 USB - a true broadcast audio console with everything you need for your Low-Power FM station. Our AIR-4 is a step up in channels and features and gives you tremendous bang for your buck.

Of course, you'll want to sound your best, so we'd recommend a couple of our proven Wheatstone Vorsis processors: the M-1 Voice Processor is one of the most popular ever and can be tailored to give your voice exactly what you want to hear. Also, we recommend the FM-55 audio processor for your overall signal to give you sound that's loud and clear; a truly professional FM sound.

LPFM BroCover
Wheatstone's guide to Low Power FM gear. 

Inside, there are tips like: What type of mics should you get? What about source gear? Headphones? The console? 
It's all right here in Wheatstone's LPFM equipment guide. 

Download the Wheatstone/Audioarts LPFM Equipment Guide

Radio Consoles for LPFM

Audioarts AIR-1

Conserve studio space, not studio capability. The AIR-1 USB is our most capable standalone console in a compact footprint yet. It fits anywhere your laptop computer does for on-air, production, podcasting or remotes. THIS is the best possible upgrade from an over-the-counter pro-sound mixer to give you true broadcast capabilities including USB to interface to your computer for content creation and delivery.

Click Here for the Audioarts AIR-1 Product Page

Audioarts AIR-4

Need a little more muscle? The AIR-4 has twelve input faders, each with dual A/B source switching, plus a separate call-in phone module. Ideal for smaller stations looking to upgrade or established stations in need of an auxiliary studio or newsroom console. AIR-4 proves that low cost doesn't have to be synonymous with low quality.

Click Here for the Audioarts AIR-4 Product Page

Audioarts Lightning

Audioarts introduces our new mid-sized console, Lighting. Integrated Bluetooth and USB make this standalone console a great choice for a studio that doesn't need inter-faclility networking.

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Wheatstone's new MP-532 audio processor is an affordable single-space rack unit that can handle any and all your broadcast processing applications – FM, AM, FM HD, AM HD, HD-only, or Streaming. It's priced so you can use multiple boxes where and how you need them without having to commit to a large expensive box with bells and whistles you may not need. It's the best way to install exactly what you need without spending a penny more than your budget.

Click Here for the MP-532 Product Page

Audioarts LiON FM Processor
Audioarts LiON FM Processor

The AUDIOARTS LiON Five-Band Processor/Multipath Controller has WheatNet-IP, so it can be networked. It has analog and AES3 so it can stand alone. It has Wheatstone SystemLink™ built in, to send full 24-bit linear audio directly to your transmitter over reliable high-speed links — Baseband 192 MPX with FM+HD timing locked (no codec to degrade audio quality). And it comes with 50 presets so you can plug and play.

Click Here for the Audioarts LiON Product Page


he MG-1 is a flexible digital microphone processor that offers all the control parameters of its M-1 predecessor, but with all audio control parameters set via an associated GUI rather than front panel controls. It offers unlimited presets, security and networkability in an all-digital framework, with parameters that are easy to set up from the GUI - to give each voice talent his or her own personal sound at the press of a button.

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The M4IP-USB is a four-channel DSP-based BLADE-3 voice processor with four completely independent channels of high-quality, low-noise, high-dynamic range and accurate transient response voice processing in an IP networked rack unit. 

The M4IP-USB combines four high-quality microphone preamps, four channels of Vorsis embedded microphone processing, and a WheatNet-IP BLADE interface, allowing you to place four microphone inputs anywhere in your WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network (although it also works just fine as a standalone processor). The preamps and processors are accessed and controlled from any point on the network via its Windows-based GUI.

Four independent USB ports are built in to facilitate the individual use of each processor output by separate computers.

The M4IP-USB is a great way to maximize your investment in on-air talent by combining four mic processors into a single rack space, accessible from anywhere.

Click Here for the M4-IP USB Product Page

Audioarts Voice 1 Processor
Audioarts Voice 1 Processor

THE AUDIOARTS VOICE 1 has all the tools and secret sauce of the Wheatstone M-1 microphone processor. But it’s got more: WheatNet-IP, AES67, remote GUI control, password protection, real time clock and presets—complete with scheduler. It can be controlled from the OLED display and, of course, your desktop computer.

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