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Scheduler WheatNet-IP Software

SCHEDULER tells your WheatNet-IP system when to switch between live and automated programming, turn on/off microphones and perform other events at predetermined times.

The WheatNet-IP SCHEDULER program triggers events at predetermined times by connecting or disconnecting signal routing. It fires off commands to send a satellite feed direct to air or to turn on mic feeds for the morning show at regularly scheduled times, for example.

SCHEDULER is a PC program that works in conjunction with BLADE logic ports, so you can also schedule closures for machine control, on-air lights, mic tallies, and transmitter remote control. Each I/O BLADE can store hundreds of customized salvos, or sequences of commands for connecting/disconnecting signal routing, which can be scheduled as events by SCHEDULER. 

SCHEDULER also can trigger events based on incoming satellite closures, and works with any of the major automation systems through Wheatstone’s Automation Control Interface (ACI). SCHEDULER makes/breaks single crosspoints or multiple crosspoints in the network, and triggers GPI closures or programmed salvos by the hour, day or week. All scheduled events are kept in a log activity file for reference.


  • Windows ® compatible
  • Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly scheduling
  • Triggers salvo events
  • Triggers events for third-party systems/devices
  • Activity log
  • ACI compatible

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