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Television Consoles and Related Products 2019

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Wheatstone Digital Networkable Television Consoles


This 32-fader (or larger) digital mixing console features IP networking and a touchscreen interface that recognizes smartphone-style gestures. The IP-64 large-format mixing console is a solid, intuitively laid out surface that's easy to operate. With Pages and Layers, as well as the ability to completely customize your work flow, it sets a new standard.



Wheatstone’s Strata 32 audio console packs 64 channels and the latest IP audio innovation into a 40-inch frame that fits most television applications and budgets under US $75,000.


Dimension Three

The Dimension Three TV audio console combines capabilities such as I/O layering and channel profiling to provide the most flexible control surface ever. A touchscreen option brings even more controls to the operator's fingertips.

Series Two/Series Four

The Series Four and Series Two are priced comparably to semi-pro live sound/recording mixers, and they won’t paint broadcasters into a corner should they ever want to add I/Os, mix-minus feeds, or any number of broadcast-specific functions.


D-8EX packs a lot of mixing power into a small space, making it an ideal companion in your remote truck or secondary on-air/production room. It features a PAGE function for doubling the number of channels in the same footprint.


NEW: Virtual Dimension Three

Fully functioning standalone virtual console,
or for use as a remote control surface for your
physical Dimension Three.

WheatNet-IP Network


WheatNet-IP is a network system that utilizes Internet Protocol to enable audio to be intelligently distributed to devices across scaleable networks. It enables all audio sources to be available to all devices (such as mixing consoles, control surfaces, software controllers, automation devices, etc) and controlled from any and all devices. WheatNet-IP is AES67 compatible, yet is unique in that it represents an entire end-to-end solution, complete with audio transport, full control, and a toolset to enable exceptionally intelligent deployment and operation.



NEW: Stagebox One

The 4RU StageBox One extends console I/O, providing 32 mic/line inputs, 16 analog line outputs, and 8 AES3 inputs and 8 AES3 outputs as well as 12 logic ports and two Ethernet ports. Its heavy duty construction makes it adept for on-the-go applications, such as remote sporting events. StageBox One works with all WheatNet-IP audio networked consoles. 

Gibraltar Network


Gibraltar's modular design uses multiple Gibraltar DSP cards to provide the mixing, bussing, I/O, and processing power which the control surface presents to the operator. The amount of DSP processing available can be scaled to the size and complexity of the intended installation and to allow for future expansion.

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