Audioarts-08 Mixer FAQ

Audioarts-08 mixer FAQ
Q. I have a mic input that loses audio. If I unplug and replug the XLR connector the audio comes back and the channel returns to normal. What's going on?
A. Is that board operated in a studio with high humidity? This causes the XLR connector pins to get oxidized, increasing the impedance which affects the mic level. And since a microphone signal is a lot lower than a line level signal this type of issue is much more likely to affect the microphone inputs, but it can also affect line level signals as well over time. 
We recommend maintaining the studio humidity in the 40%-60% range. If the humidity is consistently higher than this, the studio really needs a dehumidifier to maintain the humidity within that range. We recommend using a temperature/humidity monitor to keep track of your studio's humidity. You can find battery-powered units on-line for under $20.00USD.

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