Air-1 FAQ

Air-1 FAQ

Q. How do I increase the number of mic channels?

A. The Air 1 has two microphone inputs that directly feed the first two faders. These two mic channels can be used to mute the monitors and activate the ON AIR TALLY output and the meter bridge ON AIR indicator. You can always connect additional mics by using external mic preamps, but these additional mic inputs will not control the mute or tally functions.

Q. How do I hook up a phone to handle callers?

A. The Air 1 console does not have dedicated phone caller inputs. In most cases, however, you can choose to use the console's second output buss to feed the caller. For details on how to accomplish this, please see our white paper "Making The Connection". (The section starting on page 5 deals with consoles without dedicated phone facilities.)

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