WheatNet-IP FAQ

WheatNet-IP FAQ

Navigator is not connecting. It shows an error message

Check that your Navigator pc's IP address is at the same subnet as the system in the third octet of the address, and make sure the last octet of the pc's IP address is a unique number within your system.

Also in Navigator, go to the System Preferences tab, and locate the "Set" button just beneath the Blade Colors area. Click that set button which will bring up the Network Interfaces window, which has a drop down selector that will display the NIC cards installed in your PC. Make sure it's "pointing" to the NIC card for the Wheatstone IP Network.

Also make sure your firewall is either turned off or allows exceptions for the WNIP system. 

Should I leave the Wheatstone equipment on its own switch?
It is recommended that Wheatstone Bridge and WheatNet-IP products remain isolated from other networks. VLANs can be used as the isolation method if desired.

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