2015 - The Universe Expands

2015 - The Universe Expands


VP Image 3002015... well, we're still in it, but it's been a spectacular year so far. For starters, we opened the world of TV Audio networking to IP with our Gibraltar IP Mix Engine (which has one several engineering awards, thank you very much). For TV, we also introduced our IP-64 IP Audio Network TV Console, brought out our Series Two TV Console, added Touch Screen capabilities to the Dimension Three, introduced our EDGE (to enable using our IP networks with wireless IP radios for things like STL, etc). Added the AM-55 and FM-25 audio processors, and introduced the Audioart AIR-5, and the 08.

Let's see... is there anything else? Oh yeah! We acquired Audion Labs and their incredible real-time digital audio recorder/editor VoxPro!

What a year (so far...)


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