2012 - Quantum Leap

2012 - Quantum Leap


2012 420 LX24

This is when we introduced the LX-24 console. Everybody, including everybody in our own company was talking to Mr. Snow and myself about, “No, you don’t need to be making a console like that. You don’t need to be making … people want stuff cheaper. They don’t want more expensive, more capable. They’re not after that.” And the market has responded to the LX tremendously. It’s reawakened our interest and aptitude to make the best consoles that we can. That’s what we did from the very beginning. We always tried to do the best that could be done at each point in time. With the recession that hit in the broadcast industry and everywhere else, people were talking price, price, cheaper, cheaper. And it was kind of frustrating, because that was not what we wanted to do as a company. The LX-24 basically proved that we could still do that, and that there is a market for it.


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