ReMIX remotely accesses the existing WheatNet-IP networked studio as an affordable alternative to a physical home studio for remote broadcasting and voicetracking.

NEW BERN, NC, USA – April 2, 2020 – New from Wheatstone is ReMIX, an inexpensive remote mixing application that can be installed on a Windows® PC or tablet for home access to a studio’s WheatNet-IP audio network.

A software extension of the WheatNet-IP audio network, ReMIX provides an affordable, quick alternative to a physical home studio for remote broadcasting and voicetracking by remotely accessing existing equipment at the station.

With ReMIX on a home laptop or tablet, an existing WheatNet-IP audio network at the studio and an internet connection between the two, all facility resources such as codecs, hybrids, and playout systems, are remotely available to the home studio.

ReMIX allows talent in home studios or other remote locations to access station sources and codecs, turn channels on or off, control levels, advance to the next track in the automation system and build mixes on the fly through one standalone mixing application. “ReMIX is proving to be a great little application for all our broadcasters who need to get talent up and operating from home quickly and securely,” said Jay Tyler, Director of Sales for Wheatstone.

The application can be installed on a Windows® desktop, laptop or tablet in a home or remote studio or on a station PC that can be accessed by talent remotely through a secure VPN.

ReMIX provides a direct UI to the utility mixers found in the I/O BLADEs that make up the WheatNet-IP audio network. Each I/O BLADE includes two built-in 8x2 stereo mixers, the inputs and output busses of which are available as resources on the network. Utility mixers are unique to WheatNet-IP and accessible anywhere in the audio network for simple functions such as summing, splitting, and level adjustment, performing crossfades and segues between sources, as well as creating custom mixes or intercom systems. I/O BLADEs also include Wheatstone ACI (Automation Control Interface) for third party control of automation systems and other Wheatstone partners’ gear and can be used for functions such as routing, ducking, panning, logic control, mixing and silence detection.

WheatNet-IP is a complete IP audio network ecosystem of consoles, talent stations, I/O units, accessories and virtual tools. Its gigabit Ethernet architecture provides online mixing and processing, scripting tools, audio drivers, and much more.

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