VirtualD3Multi-touch virtual console is studio-ready and complementary to news production automation systems.

NEW BERN, NC, USA (March 27, 2019) – Wheatstone is unveiling a virtual TV audio console this NAB designed specifically to complement news production automation workflows. 

Virtual Dimension Three is a multi-touch virtual console with 64 faders onscreen that seamlessly interfaces into major production automation systems, including those by Ross Video, Grass Valley and Sony. “Automation and virtualization are fundamental to being able to produce more content. With Virtual Dimension Three, we’re complementing what is being automated in the control room with the easy accessibility of a virtual interface so that operators can make immediate, precise adjustments as needed,” said Wheatstone Senior Sales Engineer Phil Owens. 

As a standalone user interface into the WheatNet-IP audio network, Virtual Dimension Three can be used anywhere there’s a PC touchscreen or several touchscreens connected over the audio network.Similar in feel and function to the popular Dimension Three hardware surface, Virtual Dimension Three includes familiar buttons, knobs and multi-touch navigation and menuing for adjusting EQ curves, filtering and other custom settings. 

Virtual Dimension Three comes with a rack-mount mix engine to handle mixing and processing as part of the WheatNet-IP audio network, which provices direct connectivity into major production automation systems. Ross Video, Grass Valley and Sony have a longtime vendor partnership with Wheatstone’s WheatNet-IP audio network, making for a fully integrated user experience between automation and console functions. 

The AES67-compatible WheatNet-IP audio network is a complete IP audio ecosystem of consoles, talent stations, I/O units, and accessories. 

Virtual Dimension Three and other WheatNet-IP audio network products will be demonstrated at Wheatstone booth N6806 during the NAB show. 

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