NEW BERN, NC, USA (April 6, 2018) – Wheatstone introduces a midsized Audioarts Engineering console at NAB 2018 that combines the best in a standalone console with the latest in modern conveniences such as USB and Bluetooth™ connectivity.

The new Audioarts Lightning comes in a 12- or 16-channel tabletop frame and has all the essentials for talk studios or newsrooms.

Included are two stereo program buses, two mono buses, two auto mix-minuses for call-ins, four mic preamps withA variable gain trim, plus built-in headphone jack and CUE speaker and CR.

“This is the perfect console for talk studios or any other studio that has mostly microphone inputs or analog sources and where a lot of studio routing isn’t needed. It doesn’t have the A/D, D/A conversation of a digital board, yet you have access to editing software, Skype or other external sources through USB and Bluetooth connectivity,” said Wheatstone Director of Sales Jay Tyler.

USB and Bluetooth connectivity onboard makes it possible to play audio directly from the PC or output audio to PC recording software as well as receive and record calls from Bluetooth enabled cellphones or play cuts from MP3 players.

The new console is the latest addition to the Audioarts console line, which ranges in size and feature from the streamlined 8-channel Audioarts 08 and compact Air-1 to the 12-channel Air-4 and 16-channel Air-5.

“This console is priced comparable to the R-55e Audioarts console that was popular in its day, but it has so many more features and is a better design overall,” said Tyler.

The new Audioarts Lightning will be available for delivery soon after the NAB show.

To arrange a personal demonstration of this and other Wheatstone studio products during NAB, stop by booth N6806 or contact Jay Tyler at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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