Industry Innovator Awards

CEO Gary Snow Recognized with Three Industry Innovator Awards

Wheatstone is proud to announce that CEO and founder Gary Snow has been singled out for three New Bay Industry Innovator awards presented by Radio WorldRadio magazine and TV Technology.

NewBay’s Industry Innovator Award winners are selected by a panel of experts and evaluated on their professional achievements, technical and business innovations and continuing influence within their industries.

Gary Snow founded Wheatstone over 40 years ago, creating through hard work and innovation what many consider to be the leading audio design and manufacturing company in the industry. Wheatstone is known by radio and TV broadcasters worldwide for its quality audio consoles and WheatNet-IP audio network.

From the beginning, Gary was focused on – some would say obsessed with – making quality products. His first broadcast audio console was sold to WGBH in Boston in 1984, where it remained in service for 25 years (and is on display at Wheatstone's headquarters in New Bern, NC). In the early days, he would go to the AES or NAB shows with his square wave generator and scope to demonstrate the exceptional audio performance of his consoles. He designed one of the first multitrack recording consoles, which had the distinguishing addition of built-in patch bays.


Twenty years later, he'd revolutionize the industry again with tiny talent panels and other elements in an IP audio networked ecosystem that needed only a single CAT6 cable to route audio and control. In 2016, under Gary’s leadership, Wheatstone developed the first fully configurable console – the LXE. Today, the company continues to invest in the future of radio and television as one of the few broadcast-only equipment manufacturers in the industry.

“Gary loves nothing more than to build audio products. I remember him building one-off band mixers in his attic back in the seventies; I walk out in production now and marvel that we are shipping thousands of products all over the world every month from this one building in North Carolina—all due to his vision and commitment,” commented Wheatstone's Mike Shane who, like most of the core management team members at Wheatstone, has been with Gary since the beginning.

Gary has remained steadfast to his belief that quality and innovation spring from keeping manufacturing in-house, with no jobbing out. Wheatstone was one of the first in the industry to invest in surface mount technology, which then led to some amazing accomplishments in audio routing through IP networking.

“The awards are designed to shine a spotlight on the people behind the companies and technologies on which our industries depend. We offer a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for their contributions, and wish them continued success,” said NewBay Broadcast & Video Group Vice President & Group Publisher Eric Trabb.

These awards couldn’t be more deserving of a man dedicated to the industry we all love and serve. Congratulations, Mr. Snow!



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