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NEW BERN, NC, USA (April 14, 2016) – – Wheatstone makes serious inroads into midrange priced on-air audio processing with the introduction of its AirAura X1 spectral audio processor at this year’s NAB show.

The new AirAura X1 uses all the advanced algorithms found in Wheatstone’s top-of-the-lineAirAura X3 for turning up the volume without causing listener fatigue, yet comes with a user interface that doesn’t require a power user to operate. “We designed in all the incredible powertools that made the AirAura X3 a popular choice in the top markets, and then equipped the X1 with newly designed PC and front panel user interfaces. This presents audio controls to the user in a clear and intuitive way that is perfect for mid- to small-market broadcasters,” says Jeff Keith, Senior Product Development Engineer for Wheatstone’s Vorsis audio processing line.

The new AirAura X1 includes breakthrough technology, such as:
A Distortion-managed final clipper that does not generate the objectionable aliasing and intermodulation distortions commonly associated with less complex clipper technology. The result is squeaky-clean audio, even at extremely competitive loudness levels. By analyzing the audio and the distortion products created during peak control, the AirAura X1 removes distortion products and other artifacts that a listener might find objectionable. It is especially adept at minimizing close-spaced difference frequency intermodulation in the midrange spectrum, where human hearing is the most sensitive.

A 5-band iAGC section that effectively manages the behavior of the multiband AGC with changes in program content and its density.
Exclusive 10-band Mastering Limiting that selectively processes only those frequencies that need it. The AirAura X1 limiters (one for FM, one for HD) perform precision spectral energy control without generating additional density or artifacts usually associated with fewer bands.

The Vorsis Bass Tools System with tuning features that enhance deep and sub bass without affecting the cleanliness of mid and high frequency program content. This powerful algorithm enhances bass detail and the clarity of higher frequency audio.

Exclusive multipath control mitigates the audible effects of multipath and receiver-induced stereo blend effects. By automatically managing the amount of stereo information as program content changes, it creates a more consistent and predictable sound.

Smart stereo enhancement allows for a smooth, natural, wide listening experience without triggering multipath effects. It delivers an extremely stable 'on-air' stereo image that's exciting to listen to.

Wheatstone® Baseband192 which removes the need to use the analog composite interface between processing and transmission -- the last barrier to the 100% digital air chain. A single AES/EBU cable between the processor and a current solid-state FM transmitter carries the stereo baseband signal, eliminating the need for multiplexing in the exciter and the resulting signal overshoot and loudness tradeoff.
Golden ears sound at a midrange price. The new AirAura X1 is the first processor in the midrange price category granting access to advanced processing features via an easy-to-use interface. Intuitive adjustments made via the front panel touchscreen interface result in automatic and intelligent adjustments of behind-the-scenes processing parameters to create the sound the user desires. A library of expertly created factory presets always keeps users in safe territory, while an advanced professional GUI allows experienced “golden ears” to delve deeper to refine the sound.

The new AirAura X1 will be shown at booth N2530 during NAB 2016.


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