Clocking In with ACI

WheatstoneVClock BIGV6N6 7.14.15
Our Kelly Parker ran across VClock made by Voceware recently, and thought it was pure genius. There are plenty of virtual clocks that are merely numbers on a wall, or virtual clocks that are designed specifically for one broadcast group only. This virtual clock is different. VClock is flexible like a certain audio network we know, so it can transform from just a single clock to a network of clocks taking in information from different sites. Everything on it is configurable, complete with up to 32 lamps that are changeable and can be turned on / off or made to flash with external triggers (such as a "mic live" signal from a mixing console or a phone call). This clock also has an embedded web browser, which allows you to show any content that you like on VClock, simply by creating a web page.

Of course, one thing led to another, and VClock is now one of our third-party add-ons that communicate to the WheatNet-IP audio network through the ACI protocol. That is, from any control panel, workstation or control surface in the WheatNet-IP network, you can trigger salvos within VClock that change its features. VClock interfaces directly into the port of an I/O BLADE access unit through ACI for IP connectivity to our SLIOs.

ACI is our control interface used by automation companies like ENCO, OMT Technologies, RCS and WideOrbit to tightly integrate WheatNet-IP audio networking with automation functions.

Wheatstone has more than 50 technology partners.

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