Dan Slentz Sayz ‘Thanks’

LPFM advocate predicts new 100W will rank in ratings.

Dan-Slentz-Sayz-DNP102-3 2000We received this email from Dan Slentz, an engineering consultant who has become a tireless advocate and industry friend to LPFM. He recently flipped the on-air switch to new WDPE low-power, non-commercial, educational FM radio station licensed to Dover - New Philadelphia, Ohio. He had this to say about the Air-4 console and other gear he’s installed at the station.

“When engineering this little LPFM, I wanted it every single bit as competitive and feature laced as any commercial station ... just with a whole LOT less power and a far, far smaller budget!

WDPE is fully legal with limited peaks at 105% modulation. When dialing in the local commercial FM's, we're typically seeing 109% to 125+% modulation, yet (the LPFM) is perceived louder and far superior in audio quality.

I truly believe we can credit an incredibly solid air chain from all wave digital audio files (no compression at all… true PCM) in BSI's Simian, through an Audioarts Air-4 console, and into a Nautel VS300LP (via a DASDEC EAS system) with nothing in that line to trash up the audio quality (including any form of STL... since it's only a 30' run to the transmitter). And due to changes in technology, all analog audio is actually run over Cat6 cable with one end being an RJ45 from the output of the Air-4.

The Air-4 has a strong design and is transparently clean (as you've come to expect from Wheatstone).

Though a tiny little 100 watt LPFM station and on a single bay circular, plus at a height which is actually BELOW average terrain (in a valley), that signal BOOMS a solid 6 miles with very good reception up to 8 miles (even UP and over some of the hills)!

I wouldn't exaggerate again to say that this station has quickly garnered a ton of listeners very quickly. And though the station can't afford to pay for ratings, I would honestly predict the station will rank highly in the Nielsen book when it eventually comes out (there are 20+ rated stations in Tuscarawas County, Ohio).

Over and over we get Facebook posts, newspaper comments, and phone calls saying ‘the audio quality is phenomenal and the music incredible.’ Here's a typical post (from an hour ago on Facebook):

i listened to wdnp 102.3 in my van this morning and i was thrilled by the sound quality. jody, dan, steve or whoever else was involved,...HOT DAMN, ..great job…

So, thanks to each of you in manufacturing: Wheatstone, Inovonics, and Nautel, and thanks to BSW our dealer, thanks to my friends at BSI, and thanks to RW for all the info that helped us make the RIGHT decisions!”

Dan Slentz
Broadcast Consultant

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