Getting the Right HD Radio Blend

BelarHail to time alignment!

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Belar’s ADC algorithm, a new feature of its FMHD-1 modulation monitor, makes live, off-air measurements of the timing differences between the HD Radio and analog signal. By combining Belar's ADC algorithm with the intelligence built into every Wheatstone on-air processor, the nagging problem of that not-so-graceful HD-blend-to-analog is finally solved.

How can that new algorithm be put to work without inserting another expensive, complicated, or failure-prone box in the air chain?

Simple. Our Automation Control Interface (ACI), a standard feature built into every Wheatstone on-air processor, can deliver Belar's precision time correction messages directly to the processor's HD diversity delay algorithm, regardless of where in the signal chain the processor is located. HD/analog time alignment can now be kept in perfect, sample-accurate sync – forever – and without having to run program audio through yet another device in the air chain.

No more skipping audio. No more listener tune-outs.

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