Uniform Audio Across the Board

Mike Erickson_2012a_800Mike EricksonYou don’t have to be into cars to know that a white door on a red car just doesn’t work.

SG192-FRONT-030414 2560The same goes for all those translators and sister stations that carry the same programming across the network. You shouldn’t have to mix and match processors, and have to settle for a different sound for each. That’s one reason why we just came out with the SG-192 stereo generator. With a high quality Wheatstone processor at your studio (may we suggest AirAura or the FM-531HD?), you can now distribute that audio to your transmitter sites and use the Wheatstone SG-192 as the final peak processor and stereo generator at each site. Because the settings in the SG-192 can be duplicated from unit to unit, you no longer have to fuss with stereo generators from different manufacturers to match loudness and quality. The SG-192 settings are the same on all sites! And because the SG-192's final clipper and stereo generator are extracted from the AirAura/FM-531HD model, you get a back end that is perfectly matched with your main processor.

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