Radio That Can ... And Did

Prayz9 2560Meet Prayz Network, the little Christian network that could. Prayz Network started in 2011 with WTPN-FM in Westby, Wisconsin. Soon, it added a translator to get into nearby La Crosse, and within a year, added WEQS-FM in Sparta, Wisconsin.

This month, the little network that began on little more than a wing and prayer added its fourth, network affiliate WWJC-FM licensed to Augusta, Wisconsin, and will be covering the I-94/I-90 corridor from Eau Claire to La Crosse.

“It’s been a neat progression. All we’re doing is taking advantage of opportunities as they come along,” says General Manager Darla Ozanne, one of three employees running the 24-hour network of music and educational programming.

Prayz5 2560We’re proud to be able to say that Prayz Network is a Wheat operation. Its two studios have our E-6 control surfaces networked by WheatNet-IP with the occasional assist from our Glass-E virtual mixer for remote operation. And for processing, the little network that started on a wing and a prayer is using our flagship AirAura spectral FM processor with recent X3 upgrade. Studios were built out and installed by Rob Branch and Curtis Young at Calvary Technical Management, Lynchburg, Virginia.

“Although we are a relatively small operation at this time," says Ozanne, "we are committed to doing everything we do – from programming to the technology that makes it happen – with excellence.  That’s why we chose Wheatstone.”

We can’t wait to hear what Prayz Network does next.

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