Sweeet NAB

CandyAirAuraX3 2560It was Day Two of the NAB show when we noticed someone walking by our booth talking a mile a minute to an associate, who had clearly just arrived and was being briefed on the latest product announcements.

We strained to hear what he was saying and might have even heard the Wheatstone name mentioned a few times. But just as the two got within earshot, we heard the kicker: “You know what else is new this year?” Pause. “The candy.”

Ah, yes. The candy.

At this point in our story we wish we could tell you that he was talking about our sweet new products introduced at the show -- all 15 of them -- including a sweet audio processor, a stereo generator, four new consoles, and an entirely redesigned WheatNet-IP system so broadcasters can do even more cool stuff with AoIP. We wish we could say that, in fact, he was talking about our AoIP system updated with AES67 compatibility and clocked to the IEEE 1588 PTP grandmaster clock. And that, truth be told, he thought we were kind of masters ourselves, having come out with some spectacular new products and winning five – count them, five! --- Best of Show awards as a result.

But, really, the candy stole the show.

We were simply outdone by candy bowls this year. You couldn’t go more than 100 feet -- no lie – without encountering a bowl, if not conspicuously sitting on a counter, then certainly thrust under one’s nose by a well-meaning booth attendant. Jolly Ranchers. Snickers bars. Minty things. There seemed to be a bowl of confectionery in every booth, sometimes two. RCS. RFS. Yuneec. CPI. Audio-Technica. And, yes, even at the Wheatstone booth.

There’s just no use denying it. It was one sweeeet NAB.

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