Wheatstone Takes Five Industry Awards at NAB 2014!

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Wheatstone introduced some exciting new products at NAB 2014, and it appears that the industry noticed! Wheatstone was presented with an unprecedented five Best of Show awards for its BLADE 3, L-12, SG-192, Dimension Three, and Series Four products.

Among the broadcast industry's most prestigious technology awards, NewBay Media’s Best of Show Awards are evaluated by a panel of engineers and industry experts, and are selected based on innovation, feature set, cost efficiency and performance in serving the industry. The presentations were all made at the Wheatstone booth at NAB 2014 on the afternoon of Wednesday, April 9.

About the Winning Products

Wheatstone's BLADE 3 represents the next generation of I/O access units for our WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network. These new BLADEs feature built-in audio clip storage for emergency broadcasts or other specialty uses, a multi-band processor for “spot” processing where needed, updated routing functionality, double the virtual logic ports for even more control, AES67 compatibility for interoperability with other gear, and sharp looking OLED interface displays.

A new 12-channel WheatNet-IP control surface, the new L-12 is based on all the same design principles as Wheatstone’s popular L-8 and flagship LX-24 control surfaces – a precision-built, low-profile, tabletop IP control surface that offers assignable sources to any fader and with hot-swappable individual fader modules.

The new SG-192 FM stereo generator is capable of passing full AES MPX composite baseband to the exciter, including RDS signals and SCA up to 67KHz carrier frequency. It complements Wheatstone’s audio processing line and can provide stereo generation for third-party audio compressors and limiters that lack a stereo generator or are installed in a location where their stereo generator cannot be used.

The new Dimension Three TV audio console provides the best of all possible worlds, combining capabilities such as I/O layering and profiling of channels into any configuration on the surface with unlimited access of sources at any time, from anywhere and in just about any format from the network.

Wheatstone's new Series Four has the size, feel and module width that are conducive to fast-paced live production. It has a complete tally system, motorized faders, and true surround with up/down mixing between 5.1 and stereo, plus busses and mix-minus galore (two main mix busses, four subgroups, up to 48 channel mix-minuses, 4 mix minus busses, and two AUX sends).

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