LPFM: Better AND More Affordable

Air-1 Radio_Mixer_3Quarter_from_Audioarts

The LPFM studio you build today will be better and more affordable than the one you might have sketched out on a yellow legal pad back in the early '00s.

For one thing, professional broadcast consoles are more compact and better equipped. Our Air-1 fits anywhere your laptop does, for example, and has USB to boot so you can plug it into your laptop for scheduling, storing and creating content. It's got everything most LPFM studios need: two mic inputs and six stereo inputs plus all the necessary metering, busses and preamps. If you need a little more, like dual A/B source switching and call-in phone support, you can always step up to our compact, yet powerful Air-4 console for not much more.

Processing for on-air or microphones has also seen some changes in recent years and you will find a whole lot more sound control within your budget range as a result. That's because we have been able to refine much of the technology that's served our commercial broadcasters for years, so knock-your-socks-off bass and crisp stereo enhance no longer come at a premium.

Finally, you might find some new surprises in audio routing and networking options; you're going to love our latest AoIP system, WheatNet-IP, because just one or two I/O BLADEs will practically run your entire LPFM operation for you at very little cost.

Finally, for an overview, check out this page, where we group our products that would work particularly well for LPFM: Audioarts LPFM Products

It all starts with a plan. Check out our LPFM products and give our sales engineers a call to go over your options. Dial 252-638-7000 or write us a note at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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