Apps for Your Smartphone or Tablet


To kick off the New Year, we asked our engineers to suggest some of the cool apps they use on their smartphones and tablets. Here are a few.

AudioTools is a very capable audio generator/analyzer app for iOS devices. The basic version includes a sound level meter, audio generator with white/pink noise, real-time analyzer, level meter, oscilloscope, and speaker polarity tester. Paid upgrades will get you even fancier and more sophisticated testing tools like an impulse response analyzer and a distortion analyzer. A hardware interface is available but not required.

Another app for iPhones and iPads that our guys in the audio processing lab like is this spectrum analyzer.

And for Windows phones, here's a cool app that they suggest for calculating the length of a dipole antenna based on frequency.

When it comes to apps for reporting, you'll definitely want to include Tieline's Report-IT on the list.

Finally, for engineers who need to monitor streams on their phones, here's where you can download the iHeart Radio app.

The TuneIn app, which carries most of the non-iHeart Radio streams, can be downloaded as well to iPhone, Windows, Droid and Blackberry devices.


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