Crawford's Stephen Poole Visits

Stephen PooleNot long ago, Stephen Poole, Chief Engineer of Crawford Broadcasting Alabama, paid a visit to our factory and headquarters here in New Bern, North Carolina, and we were pleased to have him stop by!

We were recently sent a copy of the October 2011 issue of Crawford Broadcasting's corporate engineering newsletter, "The Local Oscillator." We were delighted to discover that in his column, "News from the South," Mr. Poole wrote about his visit with us.  He had some very nice things to say about our products, our people, and our company.

The kind folks at Crawford have granted us permission to share that article with you. You'll find a link to download the PDF file below. Stephen Poole's column begins on page 6, the Wheatstone material begins near the bottom of page 7.

The Local Oscillator (October, 2011)

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