The Really Great Gig

Stocker FinalMarkus Stocker of Media Engineering, Switzerland, wrote to us about one of his recent projects, which he calls the "Great Gig in the Sky."

Rebuilding BAY89.7's Studio-1 in Malta with an E-1 console two years ago was fun and rebuilding BAY89.7's Studio-2 more recently with a newer IP-12 console was fun, too. But the really "great gig in the sky" was when we interconnected the two studios together with one single Cat6 cable. Predictably, networking the two went flawlessly. With a few clicks of the NAVIGATOR software, a large number of signals already on the WheatNet-IP network in Studio-1 routed over to the IP-12 console in the refurbished Studio-2. As a matter of fact, we were able to interconnect within minutes scads of signals, sends, returns and LIOs – all of which required hardwiring in earlier days with dozens of cables and connectors; patch panels and punch blocks; and too many test points to count.

What a difference an intelligent network can make!

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