Have You Heard? AirAura X3 Version 3.6.7 is Available.  

AirAura367 200

The processing golden ears at Wheatstone have declared the newest software version for their flagship AirAura X3 audio processor a keeper, sending it on its way to radio stations everywhere.

During field testing version 3.6.7 was described by beta testers as “impressive as all get-out”. They reported that the new version further increased their competitive loudness without increasing distortion; in fact all described distortion as being reduced, even though their stations could now be much louder.

The new software version also includes an improved Codec MaskingTM algorithm which helps to reduce the annoying artifacts of bit-reduced program material which may have been downloaded from ‘questionable’ online sources.
AirAura X3 version 3.6.7 also includes Wheatstone’s baseband 192 composite interface as a standard feature. Released earlier this year, baseband192 technology hands off a fully digital composite signal to FM exciters which are capable of accepting a digital multiplex signal. Baseband 192 technology has already been on the air in major markets for several months and has been successfully tested with Nautel, Broadcast Electronics and Harris FM exciters with others coming soon.

Version 3.6.7 is the first major software upgrade since AirAura X3 was introduced at the April 2013 NAB show. It further improves loudness, audio quality, and distortion control, and includes more than 50 new factory presets tuned to take advantage of the new technologies included in the software upgrade.
AirAura processors which are currently running software version 1.2 or higher can be upgraded to version 3.6.7 free of charge.

Questions? Call us to find out about v 3.6.7 and AirAura X3.


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Any AirAura running 2.6 or later can upgrade directly to 3.6.7.

Any AirAura running 1.2 or 2.4 should first upgrade to 2.6 before upgrading again to 3.6.7

Any AirAura running 0.2 must contact us for information on how to update 







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