Carried Away by Tieline. Again.

WheatTieWe tend to get carried away by the Tieline product line. Last time it was the Genie, Tieline's distribution codec that we joined up with our WheatNet-IP (WNIP) audio over IP system for carrying long distance control of sources, devices and surfaces between remote studios.

As a result, you can now access your WheatNet-IP studio network from anywhere there's an internet or Ethernet connection, plus create salvos and macros, start and stop contact relays and control faders – all through Genie, which is equipped with a WNIP network interface card.

This time, it is Merlin PLUS, Tieline's new IP audio codec that now talks directly to the WheatNet-IP network through a WNIP card for managing up to six simultaneous remotes. The benefit: direct communication from the board op at the studio to remote reporters anywhere in the field.

"This all started because a number of people asked about remote studio connectivity via WheatNet. Soon, Genie became the bridge or the portal to the outside world via WNIP, and then we started getting inquiries about doing the same with the Merlin PLUS, and here we are," said Charlie Gawley, Vice President of Sales for Tieline.

Merlin PLUS' purpose-built rear panel provides a WheatNet-IP LAN interface for connecting to the WheatNet-IP environment. Wheatstone NAVIGATOR software lets you customize sources and destinations as you would with other system components. Two additional Ethernet ports allow IP streaming between the studio and six simultaneous, bidirectional mono remotes, or two simultaneous stereo or mono remotes with separate IFB communication channels. This unique multiple remote capability is delivered by a single 19 inch x 1RU box, saving money on codec hardware costs and greatly reducing studio rack space requirements for broadcasters.

IP remotes are typically performed over the public internet between a studio based Merlin PLUS with WheatNet-IP and remote Tieline IP codecs or smartphones running the Report-IT Enterprise application.

So, what's next for Tieline and Wheatstone? More networking, more access, more control from here on out, according to Gawley. "We share the same philosophy and approach in manufacturing as Wheatstone, so it's a good partnership all around," he said.

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