Control. Who couldn't use more?

ControlFreakIllustration200Feel free to unleash your inner control freak. Pot up a fader from the automation, or cue up a mic from the board – along with all the right processing settings, even. Our WheatNet-IP AoIP system can handle it, no problem.

In fact, ours is the only AoIP system that has this additional control layer built into the network. We even introduced a separate high-density logic control box (LIO-48) at NAB 2013 so you can trigger even more events and turn more devices on/off in the system!

As one control freak to another, we knew you'd appreciate it. Sure, we realize that audio over IP systems are expected to be just I/O routing systems, so it's understandable if our WheatNet-IP is the only AoIP system with this control layer.

Unlike the other guys, we don't "park" logic anywhere in the network, say, at one PC or even on each console. Logic control is distributed with the audio, which means that the logic control for a satellite feed, for example, comes right in to the control surface or automation along with the program feed. That way, you're all set as far as processing presets or scheduling goes. Plus, if you change studios as often as most of us change our minds, you don't have to chase down the right logic controls every time you sit at a different console.

Broadcasters have gotten rather used to all that logic coursing through their WheatNet-IP AoIP networks, and we developed an add-on box to address their requests for more. The LIO-48 is a high-density logic BLADE that you can add on to your WheatNet-IP system. It has 48 universal logic ports for triggering events and turning on/off devices or for whatever else you need done at the click of a button in your busy studio.

This is just more of that distributed intelligence we keep telling you about.

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