Q & A: Interactive Digital Networking

PaulPicardCURRENTQ: I’ve been hearing a lot about the interactive digital network as it relates to television audio consoles. Is this a new digital console feature offered by Wheatstone?

A: Sort of. What you are referring to is a new approach to console design. Whereas some consoles have fixed functions, we’ve designed our Dimension One and other television audio consoles to provide these functions on an interactive basis through the network. There is no fixed number of inputs and no limits on the type of audio the console can accept. This design removes these restrictions so that any audio source can connect to any fader, and any type of audio can connect to any input – even MADI (we have a bridge for that, too). Signal processing power is not limited to the size of the console or the console’s ability to dissipate heat, either. A Dimension One console can deliver 1,024 channels of digital signal processing and support 72 faders, each 5.1 capable. Broadcasters say it’s just a better all-around design than what you’d find with fixed-function consoles.

Paul Picard is a technical support engineer with Wheatstone Corporation.

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