Q and A: AirAura’s SST Processing Technology

JeffKeithPhotoUPDATEBy Jeff Keith

Q:What is the AirAura SST audio processing technology, and can it help with some of our overly compressed source material?

A:The SST technology in our AirAura FM audio processors will considerably improve the dynamic range and give you level consistency in those hot recordings. The SST analyzes and manages the multiband AGC behavior as program density changes, which is quite different than a broadband AGC whose purpose is to create consistent operating levels without regard to spectral consistency. The idea behind SST is to be able to achieve natural-sounding consistency in both on-air loudness and spectral balance regardless of density variations in the incoming source material, which is something that an AGC alone can’t do.

Jeff Keith is Wheatstone’s Senior Product Design Engineer for Audio Processing.

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