Maine’s Hot 104.7 Chooses Audioarts and AirAura

By Mike Erickson

HOT1047Christmas came early, and with it a new sound for Portland and Southeast Maine.

Mainestream Media’s new Hot 104.7 is a rhythmic CHR that launched on September 14, 2012 with 5000 songs in a row following a one day stunt as the first Christmas station of 2012. Along with the creative imagining, music and talent planned for the station came a need for it to find a unique audio signature in the market.

Mainestream’s Dom Theodore, known in the industry for his audio that almost literally leaps off the dial, wanted to take Hot 104.7′s sound to an entirely new level. “We looked at a number of processing alternatives and came up with something that went past anything else on the market today. I worked with Wheatstone’s Mike Erickson on audio when we worked together in New York City few years ago, and I turned to him on this project to help take the audio where I needed it to go. Honestly, I didn’t think this much CLEAN bass was possible on an FM station.” Theodore is talking about the station’s new AirAura. Installed just before the launch, the AirAura has already given Mainestream a leg up in the market, something very important to the new kid on the block.

Ryan Dillon, Hot 104.7′s program director, loves the sound of his new station. “The first two things a listener notices when they tune in is the song playing and the quality of the audio. I knew we had the first part nailed, but with the AirAura, we now have both!”

Along with the AirAura, Hot 104.7 also purchased Audioarts consoles for their main and production studios. The ease of install and the price, combined with the quality of the product, made the choice a no brainer.

“We’re creating THE go-to company for creative people” said Theodore. “With Wheatstone, we have the tools needed to help our creative people get our content on the air the way we want it.”

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