What is the digital output sample rate of the M1? Can it be synced externally?

The Output Sample Rate of the M1 is 48kHz by default. It can be changed to 44.1kHz, 48kHz or 96kHz by selecting the new sample rate on the rear panel dipswitches and rebooting the unit.

There is no external synchronization capability in the M1.

What is the de-esser and what is the proper way to set it up?

The de-esser is a specialized algorithm that detects high frequency sibilance (sharp esses) in speech and automatically controls them. There are three controls associated with the de-esser function:

sets the frequency where the de-esser's 'ess' detector is the most sensitive.
sets the audio level threshold where the de-esser will begin to reduce high frequencies.
sets how fast the de-esser recovers after it has reduced an 'ess' sound.

Generally, most sibilance is found in the frequency range between 3kHz and 6kHz with female voice typically near the top of this range.

The proper threshold setting is a function of many things and more negative settings make the de-esser operate sooner.

The release control is adjusted so that the de-esser recovers quickly but not so quickly that it tries to recover during an 'ess' event.

Good starting points for the de-esser controls are:

Frequency = 5 kHz
Thresh = -40 dBFS
Release = 130 milliseconds

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