AP-2000 / FM-2000 FAQ

AP-2000 / FM-2000 FAQ

Early on, the AP1000 was replaced by the AP2000. Why?

The AP1000 was our first high-end processor. As with most very complex products we quickly found ways to increase its performance and upgrade its feature set. Up to a point everything was achievable with a simple software upgrade. But we reached an impasse where some of our new DSP algorithms needed more breathing room and we had to redesign the hardware in order to provide these resources.

Every single AP1000 customer was contacted and invited to send their unit back to the factory so we could upgrade their unit to an AP2000 at no cost. To date, 96 of the first 100 AP1000's built have been upgraded and customers are quite happy with the improvements.

Of the remaining four units, two belong to the same customer, who is happy with his AP1000's as is.

The other two units belong to Wheatstone and reside in the racks of processors in our lab where we can compare them to not only our own line of processors, but also virtually any popular on-air processor that was manufactured in the past 30-plus years.

I'm locked out of our AP2000 - I forgot my passcode. What is the master password to get back in?

There are also no hidden processing controls, nor is there a “secret passcode” to get in a back door that is reserved just for us Wheatstone factory folks.

Our security has been designed as a first line of defense to thwart genuine attempts at unauthorized access. If you lock yourself out of your Wheatstone processor and forget the password you are locked out - at least temporarily.

Although there is no “Master Password”, you can use the simple procedure that is outlined in the application note titled AN2007-04 Unlocking the AP-1000 GUI to gain access again.

It's an easy procedure to perform if you need to get back in but designed to be 'convoluted' enough of a process to keep the casual hackers out.

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