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  The week will likely hold a few surprises as well, star ng with the many guests. The weeklong remote for The Dan Patrick Show includes any number and variety
of high-pro le guests, from actors Adam Sandler, Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Bacon and Jerry Seinfeld, to athletes Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Steph Curry and Emmi  Smith, plus coaches, sports commentators, and the NFL superstars themselves.
One thing’s for sure: all the audio will be running through the WheatNet-IP audio network, as it has for the past nine years.
WheatNet-IP switches audio to and from a  ber link using Tieline Genie
and Merlin codec
units, joining together
opera ons and directors, producers, talent and content for the syndicated radio show as well as television produc on in separate loca ons.
The studios are geographically dispersed. Typically, the mul -camera shoot is switched in Los Angeles, which is some 3,000 miles from the home studio in Milford, Connec cut.
But for the remote, cameras are switched in nearby produc on trucks that are rolled in for the occasion, and the video feed then
is uplinked to Los Angeles and on to the rest of the world. Meanwhile, the main studio for the radio show is in Milford, with IP audio shu led between the remote site and the Milford studio.
At the remote venue, the show is broadcast from a large set which serves as a makeshi  studio complete
with several WheatNet-IP TS-4 remote turrets and M4IP mic preamps and a  ber link to the backstage control area, at the center of which is an IP-networked 12 channel console, the Wheatstone E-1.
The studio setup for the 2018 game in Minneapolis remains to be seen. Each event provides unique challenges in terms of space and acous cs. One year, the remote was set in three large temporary buildings on an acre of land complete with a waterfall! Another year, the two-story
set was built on the top of the parking lot at Pier 40 in lower Manha an. That one included a half-size regula on basketball court on the second  oor!

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