Page 19 - IP Audio for TV Production And Beyond
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 DO MORE. A LOT MORE. There’s far more to Wheatstone’s WheatNet-IP system than simple rou ng.
The phone comparison is a good analogy – in WheatNet-IP there’s a world of audio modi ca on tools and control op ons that allow you to create solu ons unique to your applica ons with ease. All work with exis ng standards and are created to evolve with emerging and future standards as
well. It’s the evolu on
of standard routers.
• Full Crosspoint Rou ng of Audio and Logic
• Send and receive AES67 streams
• Handles mul ple audio formats (Analog, AES, MADI, HD/SDI)
• Create, Store, and Fire Rou ng Salvos
• So ware based mixing built into each BLADE
• HD/SDI De-embedding
• Mix Minus crea on
• IFB using triggered crosspoint control
• Routable EQ and Dynamics channels
• GPIO on each BLADE for triggered func ons (salvos, IFB, Crosspoint control)
• So ware Logic Ports for Control over IP • Built in Audio Clip Player

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